i will always love you very much

sometimes i am just overwhelmed by how thoughtful certain people are.
yesterday a package arrived in the mail for me.  it was from my friend camille.  she has shocked me time and again with her thoughtful notions.  whether it be an amazingly practical baby shower gift, a random much needed generous gift, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers during a tough time.  i always think she can't top what she has done before, but then she does when i least expect it.
this is what i got from her yesterday
a pendant with my dad's handwriting.  it was part of something he had written in my baby book.  there have been many moments, especially over the last year, that i have really missed my dad more than usual.
this special gift is a perfect reminder of his love for me and something i will always cherish.  i don't think there are adequate words that i could use to express to camille just how much her thoughtful gift means to me.

interesting side note....
the day before i got this i saw something just like it on pinterest and fell in love with it.   


  1. This is very sweet Skye!! I love it! And I know how much it means to you!!! :)


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