ornament swap

micaela is a sweet friend i made through blogging.  if you follow me on instagram you would have seen this festive kewpie doll that came in the mail as a complete surprise to ever from micaela and her beautiful little lady felix.  over the last couple years we've been fortunate enough to get to know each other more.  i had randomly found her blog a few years ago and while i instantly was drawn to her from her blog i never imagined we'd be friends like we are.  i can't say enough about how thoughtful and loving she is.  for a few years now micaela has hosted an ornament swap.  this year she welcomed a new baby girl noel to the family before christmas so her friend erin hosted the swap.  i remember last year i considered signing up but i procrastinated (like always) and didn't make the sign up in time.
at the last minute this year i signed up and i am so glad i did.  i was paired with priya.  we wrote several emails back and forth discovering more about one another and finding out things we had in common.  she was instantly so welcoming and sweet i could tell we would be more than just swap partners.  we would become friends....and we have. 
i had a hard time making a decision on an ornament for priya because i wanted it to be perfect, but when i finally found one i also found something else i knew i had to send to her.  

to priya: 
we instantly bonded over the movie midnight in paris.  priya has been to paris and she adores it.  i had to get her this eiffel tower candle holder.  the ornament is a little snow globe with a penguin.  i found it fitting for her love of the christmas season.

from priya:
she spoiled us.  she sent me this handmade hello kitty ornament....so perfect for me.  
she sent ever these adorable apple sunglasses.  
ever was thrilled.  her love of sunglasses is pretty well documented on this here blog.  
then an additional surprise came right before christmas.  she said it was a gift for will (so he wasn't left out) and it was for me too.  we were told to wait until christmas to open it.  i almost cheated and opened it before but will made me wait.  we were so pleasantly surprised to see this wall-e print...it is on a vintage dictionary page which makes me love it even more.  
here is a close up of it and i'll have to include another picture once we hang it in the perfect place.  
she obviously knows us so well.
i love that the internet connects me with such amazing people who become friends.
and to think i almost wimped out on signing up for the swap.

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