part 2 of christmas

i really wanted to get a picture of the three of us but ever refused so the bearded charmer and i posed.  
in the evening my mom and kit came by with gifts.  pellegrino wanted to be part of the action both times we opened presents.  

ever loved her jack skellington shirt and plush bear from brave.
she had to wear the jack onesie two days in a row....it didn't matter that it was dirty...she wouldn't go on without her jack shirt.  i didn't get a good picture of the brave bear but i'm sure it'll be seen in future posts since she is all about it.  she even had me put a diaper on the bear at one point and then she'd take it off when she said the bear had pooped.
"pew pew it stinks"  were her exact words.  

she also loved her pony but not at first.  the pony talks and sings and when it first started singing she backed away nervously.

as you can see she wasn't afraid of it for long.
it is sort of heavy for her but that didn't stop her from grunting and picking the pony up to carry it around the house....those pictures are on will's phone.
ever with her fashion statement of the evening.  she put her little skirt on like a sash and paraded around like that until bedtime.  

blurry picture love as always.  
by the end of the day ever was a cranky girl.  
i bet she gets post holiday blues like me.  i was sad to retire the christmas music and put the tree away but that has all been done to make room for new projects we are dreaming up.
looking forward to a new year to make new memories and already looking forward to next christmas.

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