christmas morning

here is a glimpse at christmas morning at our home in lots of pictures as usual, and some words too.

probably my favorite picture taken of ever that morning.  
she was happy to be eating chocolate...forget presents.

will and i got up excited to open gifts like little kids.  we could have kept sleeping since ever was asleep but we decided having quiet time to share the items we made/bought for each other would be better.  in this post i mentioned our gift giving guidelines we used to ensure we kept things minimal.
i loved how simple and thoughtful it all was.  it reminded me of our first christmas as a married couple, which was a lovely one.
will made me this amazing shelf from items he got at the antique store....reclaimed wood, a door knob, cookie cutter, and skeleton keys.  it amazed me that morning and still does.  

i made him a little book.  52 things i love about you on vintage style playing cards.  he said it is the best gift he has ever received.  i intend to post a little more about our items...a tutorial type thing for all you love birds out there that might want to make something like this for your other half.
will managed to surprise me with a few other trinkets from my favorite store...anthropologie.  best part about it was that he went in the store completely on his own while out of town one day and he picked things without knowing what i'd want.  you can't go wrong with anything from that place in my opinion but it was so cute to imagine him shopping by himself in there.  supposedly the lady ringing up the items made a big deal about how cool the stuff was that he picked out and he told her how they were presents for his wife and she said...she's so lucky.  that i am.  

ever eventually woke up and enjoyed being allowed to open gifts.  she had been sneaky the days leading up to christmas and opened a couple items when i was putting my makeup on one day.  she actually picked one of her toys got it totally unwrapped opened the box and i walked in the living room to find her playing with it.  i didn't really mind....i thought her persistence was cute.

she would rip the wrapping paper with one hand and hold items in the other like chocolate or miniature my little ponies.

i noticed she put a kiss on the s and w of her alphabet puzzle and i got a thrill thinking she did that for will and i.  by the way ever knows my name is skye.  the past couple days when i ask her what my name is she says skye...mama skye.

for the first time in several years christmas felt extra special to me.  i think ever being at an age where it was so amazing to her helped to make it more special.  any time we would plug in the christmas lights or see decorations around town she would gasp and say "wow chrisas lights or chrisas tree!"  watching her react to all of it is such a thrilling way made it that much sweeter.  

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