christmas decor, music, and illness

what a week this has been.  over the weekend i was busy putting finishing touches on the decor i did for our church music program.  i had basically neglected all sorts of other things around the house and christmas wise with the thought that monday i'd be able to start catching up.  the music program turned out really well.  i meant to take better pictures of the things i had worked on but forget when in a rush.
luckily my friend aleasha gave me a bare wreath and some burlap so at the last minute i could add fresh pine pieces and antique sheet music to finish out the decor i had worked on.  
the theme i was going for was natural/vintage and i was happy with the outcome.
i used a ton of doilies, twine with gold and silver accent, antique sheet music, fresh pine, mason jars, etc.
here is a picture of one corner of my decorating at the church.

then i brought it all home and added it to my christmas decor here.

i am really in love with the little bottle brush trees.....ever is too.

it is too bad all these pictures are blurry but they are an accurate potrayal of ever.  she never stops moving.  i can't get over how fancy and festive she looks.

by the way...in her hand is a jack skellington christmas ornament that she refuses to keep on the tree.  she takes it everywhere with her.

marcy and her little dude came to the music program which made it extra fun.  we kept laughing at our little ones interacting.  they loved each other.

and z loved will....they feeling was mutual.  

later that night after we got home i got really sick with what i suspect was food poisoning but i'm not certain.  a couple hours later will got sick.  i have to applaud will for still tending to ever's needs in the middle of the night when i literally couldn't get up.  it was the most violent illness i've had in my life.  will was really sick but not quite as bad as me.  my mom and will basically forced me to go to the emergency room.  i'm the type that would prefer to suffer at home.  in fact this was my first trip there and it just so happens it was on the 5 year anniversary of the first date will and i went on.  we planned on celebrating the day in a better way but life happened.  instead we had matching hospital bands and iv's together.  yesterday i finally felt well enough to do a few things and today i feel even better but still not top notch.
i have to say just how thankful i am for my mom swooping in to take ever all day while we went to the hospital and then slept the rest of the day at home.  also her friend karen came over and cleaned our house which i'm both embarrassed and thankful about.  then last night a sweet lady left us the prettiest and yummiest homemade meal at our doorstep.  i'm not sure i would have survived without all the help.  now i'm really behind on christmas projects and wrapping but hopefully i can catch up this weekend and our home can stay illness free for a good amount of time.     

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