a not so fancy gift giving guide

i always like when i see gift giving guides because they give me ideas of things to buy things that ever might enjoy or need.  this is my not so fancy attempt at a gift giving guide but you'll still get the idea.  a perfect little stack of things for our 20 month old who loves all things cute.  as i mentioned previously i tried to stick with the want/need/wear/read rule.  also i took advantage of all the sales online right after thanksgiving....easy christmas shopping without crowds is my kind of thing.  
4. pajamas  5. tights  6. sonny angels  

a little more on why i picked these toys....
today ever handed me objects and counted.  her counting went like this...one two free four five six ten twelve.  she is all about learning and i figured this bright wooden alphabet puzzle would be perfect for her to become acquainted with letters. 

i honestly can't tell you enough just how much i love this book.  i was drawn to it because of the illustrations when i found it online.  then when i read the story after it arrived i couldn't even believe how perfect the entire thing was.  reading books is a bedtime ritual for us.  this book is not only the cutest thing to look at but it rhymes and there aren't too many words so it is the best for our little lady who doesn't stay focused very long.  it took everything i had not to give her the book the night it arrived.   

we have several other babylit books that ever adores but romeo and juliet wasn't part of her collection yet so naturally it needed to be added to her collection.

then there are the sonny angels.  ever has been obsessed with the porcelain kewpie dolls in her room lately.  she has managed to climb and get a couple of them in her hands several times.  last week i heard a crash and there she was in the hallway with a busted up kewpie doll at her feet saying "oooh nooo" "oooh crap".  i glued it back together but now it looks more like sally from nightmare before christmas since i couldn't get the pieces to line up very well.  i thought ever would love these since they look just like non-breakable kewpies but with hats and privates (the obvious miniature private parts were something my mom loved about them and you'll understand that if you know my mom).  these came in a little box with an insert that showed all the different varieties you can get.  ever hasn't seen the dolls but she saw the insert and it is something she almost always carries around with her while exclaiming "ooooh cuuuuute!"  i know her so well.  

christmas morning can't get here soon enough.  i am so excited to watch ever open her presents since this year she is old enough to really enjoy it.    

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  1. I knew the book was by Emily Martin the second I saw the cover but I didn't know that one existed! I'll have to go find us a copy now.


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