someone told her about us

 i am not a fan of crying so i tend to avoid it at all costs, but i can't seem to help it these days.  thoughts of my dad instantly have me in tears.  do i hate that he's not physically here to enjoy this new life with us?  of course.  do i feel that he already knows ever and she knows him?  absolutely.  i have always felt that he would be the one teaching her things before she entered this earthly existense and that the moment she left the spirit world to come to us would be a special one because my dad would be handing her off to us.  i'm certain he told ever a thing or two about his favorite people and it's part of the reason we are her favorite people.  the ones who she instantly bonded with and who she loves so much are....

her mommy, her daddy, her yaya (my mom), and her uncle brandon (my brother).

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  1. there is really nothing like a newborn to make you feel and know how close your loved ones in the spirit world really are. what a darling baby you have.


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