eyelashes, feet, and lips

i can't wait to share the story of ever coming into this world but since i'm doing this post one handed with a bundle of cuteness and hiccups in my arms i'll just share a few pictures.
i immediately noticed ever's long eyelashes.  all during the pregnancy i told will that i hoped she would get his insanely long lashes...looks like that happened.

this picture may not do her feet justice but baby girl has such long feet.  i have no idea where they came from because both will and i have small feet.  don't believe that her feet are giant?  well on the birth certificate her footprints don't even fit in the allotted space.  so adorable.

will and my mom kept talking about ever's big lips.  all the nurses in the hospital also made a big deal about them.  my mom calls them her angelina's. 
they are so kissable.

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