lunch with daddy

i get cabin fever pretty easily these days so i end up meeting will for lunch or sitting in my moms office for a couple hours once or twice a week.  it is a serious production getting ever and myself ready for an outing and making sure we have all we need packed up but it is worth it.  i managed to document one of our outings last week.  ever was happy to meet daddy for lunch and show herself off to lots of people at the hospital.  i've noticed i get anxiety when people crowd around to get a look at her or touch her.  mother bear all the way....i instantly get in defensive mode.

we stopped for a picture with my dads memorial brick.

i just realized that i'll end up posting things way out of order once i finally have time to catch up.  oh well....i'm sure it'll be nice to revisit ever's first days and the story of her arrival to the world.  believe it or not this little girl has been around for almost a month already.

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  1. The little fashion icon...so gingerly cute, and Yaya, loves the picture with the memorial brick of her Papou :)


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